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Workshops at Unicon16 2012

Thursday, July 19th

17:00 Opening Bikepath (Südtirol) 10km track

Friday, July 20th

09:00 Daily Munitour: St. Andrä - Brixen Brixen Bus Terminal 11:00 King of the Alps Contest Launch (Hugo Duguay, Edmund Leduc) T 11:00 Slow Races Judging (Sonja Summer, Andreas Rodler) Infopoint 12:00 Skate (Kirsten Häusler) W 13:00 International Picnic (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Fischzuchtpark 19:00 Open Draw for Starting Order of Freestyle Experts (Haruko Matsunaga, John Foss) Infopoint 19:30 Freestyle Judging (Haruko Matsunaga, John Foss) Infopoint 19:40 10km warmup ride S3 22:00 Hide and Seek 1 (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Infopoint

Saturday, July 21st

09:15 Daily Munitour: Latzfons Klausen Brixen Bus Terminal 10:00 Dragseat and Standup races (Maren Sender) F 11:00 Daily Trick Session W 12:00 Easy Poser Tricks (Felix Dietze) W 14:00 60+ Meeting (Cäcilia) S1 14:00 Muni Cross Country Practice Bus Stop Brixen 14:00 How to hold a workshop (Felix Dietze, Connie Cotter) W 15:00 Hockey Tournament: 1) General Information (Rolf Sander) H1 15:00 Track Race Starting with False Start Monitoring (Andreas Rodler together with the Swiss Timing Team) S7 15:00 Fun Games and Competitions 1 (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Fischzucht 16:00 Hockey Tournament: 2) Drawing of the Groups (Rolf Sander) H1 16:00 Basketball Info (Jim Sowers) B

Sunday, July 22nd

11:00 The Variety of Spins and Standglides (Machiko Ashida, Chihiro Suzuki, Saeko Ashida) F 12:30 Play Tag on the Unicycle (Felix Dietze) S3 13:00 Fun Games and Competitions 2 (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Fischzucht 13:00 Handwalk (Carlotta Linden) F 14:00 Freestyle Coaches: Psychological Trainer and Athlete Variables for Training (Peter Hahn) F 17:00 Basic Card Magic (Nick Brazzi) W 17:00 Daily Munitour: Lajen- Klausen Lajen at Cross-Start 18:00 Open Bottles with Unicycle (Finn Harweger) Fischzuchtpark

Monday, July 23rd

09:00 Essential Muni - Funride (Kris Holm) Infopoint 10:00 Popcorn Relay Registration (Renate Rodler) S1 10:00 Pallet Sculpture (Karsten Juncher) T 10:30 Daily Munitour: Schalders - Brixen Bus Stop Brixen 11:00 Trials for beginners (Marco Schmidt) T 11:00 Daily Trick Session W 11:00 Solve the Rubik's Cube (Gaël Dusser) W 11:00 Chain Tag on the Unicycle (Felix Dietze) W 12:00 Flat Girls Exchange (Julia Belk, Mary Wegscheider ) T 12:00 Laughing (Margot) S1 13:00 Trials Technics (Mark Fabian) T 13:30 Carrot Pulling Game (Möhrenziehen) (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) W 14:00 Slackline (Lutz Eichholz, Jiahui Cai) Infopoint 14:00 Freestyle Coaches: Physical Basics for Unicyclists (Peter Hahn) W 16:00 Diabolo Tricks (Peter Theeg) H 16:00 Unitours (Ken Looi) Infopoint 17:00 Adventure Unicyclists Dinner/Reunion (Ken Looi) Infopoint 18:00 Juggling Tricks (Peter Theeg) H

Tuesday, July 24th

06:00 Crazy Uphill Tour to Würzjoch Bus Stop Brixen 09:00 Talk Italian in Italy (Sandy Ries) Infopoint 09:00 Daily Munitour: Schabs - Brixen Bus Stop Brixen 10:00 Handmade Pasta Dough (Sandy Ries) W 10:00 Pallet Sculpture (Karsten Juncher) T 11:00 Daily Trick Session W 11:00 Cross Over (Carlotta Linden) W 11:00 Tricks for Beginners (Katja Butterweck) W 11:00 Solve the Rubik's Cube (Gaël Dusser) W 12:00 Highjump Technics (Mark Fabian) T 12:00 50m Juggling Race (Peter Theeg) S 12:00 Balloon Twisting for Beginners (Annika Jeschke & Eileen Schubert) W 12:00 Wooden Ball Unicycle (Klaus Reef) W 13:00 Unicycle Tour for beginners to Neustift (Gerti Franz, Jürgen Franz) Main Entrance 13:00 Freestyle Coaches: Create methodical steps for Training (Peter Hahn) F 13:00 Crank-Roll-Race (Lorenz Pöham) T2 14:00 Riding and Tricks with Feet under Pedals (Maximiliane Jaik, Sonja Summer, Phone: 15776046965) W 14:00 Ultimate Wheel Riding 1 (Sandy Ries) W 15:00 Street -Trials ride Bozen CANCELED Trainstation Brixen 15:00 Ultimate Wheel Riding 2 (Sandy Ries) W 17:00 Far Crashing / Fall off contest CANCELED (Felix Dietze) F 17:30 Cooking Competition (camping) (Jesper Andersen) Main Entrance

Wednesday, July 25th

08:00 Daily Munitour: Seiser Alm Bus Stop Brixen 10:00 Flat Judges (olaf schlote, Phone: 491738920690) Infopoint 11:00 Solve the Rubik's Cube (Gaël Dusser) W 11:00 Daily Trick Session (Kirsten Häusler, Phone: 0049160-1110838) W 11:30 Street Judges (olaf schlote, Phone: 491738920690) Infopoint 12:00 Rope Skipping on a Unicycle (Layla) W 13:00 IUF Meeting Hellensteiner 13:00 Grinds (Elias Pöham, Phone: 436604848578) Z1 13:00 Translate Unicycle Tricks to Italian (Sandy Ries) F 13:00 Improvised Pair Freestyle (Britta Naber, Marie Schlenker, Till Wolfahrt, Phone: 1636309193) W 14:00 Translate the IUF rules to Italian (Sandy Ries) W 14:00 Naptime (Miles Ornish, Phone: 16193005423) S9 15:00 How to fall safely (Thomas Furtner, Phone: 4916096261998) W

Thursday, July 26th

08:00 Daily Munitour: Plose Lüsen Bus Stop Brixen 08:15 Fun Long Distance Ride: Sterzing - Brixen Trainstation Brixen 11:00 Solve the Rubik's Cube (Gaël Dusser) W 11:00 Daily Trick Session W 12:00 Kendama (Rita Böhm, Phone: 08178-692069) W 12:00 Impossible Wheel / BC (Jogi, Elke, Phone: 0049 176 22256765) W 12:00 Unicycle Stilting (Felix Dietze) W 12:00 Instructions Group Photo (Rosmarie) S1 12:00 How to perfom on the street (Bob Carr) Workshop Buidling Entry 13:00 A Critical Review of Unicycling (Thomas 'gossi' Gossmann) Infopoint 14:00 Freestyle Without Tricks (Thomas Tiercy) F 20:00 Beer Pong Workshop and Championship CANCELLED (Jamey Mossengren) T2 21:00 Unicycle Night Tour to Klausen (Gerti Franz, Jürgen Franz) Main Entrance 21:00 Uni- Pogo- Dancing (Jogi Pfender, Phone: 0049 176 22256765) T2 21:00 Learn the Bootdance (Thomas Gossmann) T2 21:00 DJ-Session (SpinCycle) T2 22:00 Burping Contest (Felix Büning, Lisa Fleischer) T2

Friday, July 27th - GAUDIDAY!

08:00 Daily Munitour: Plose - Brixen Bus Stop Brixen 09:00 Coach Experience Sharing (Charlotte Nielsen, Phone: #ERROR!) W 10:00 Fun Games and Competitions 3 (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Fischzucht 10:00 Inventing Creative Tricks (Maximiliane Jaik, Sonja Summer, Phone: 15776046965) W 11:00 Daily Trick Session W 11:00 Learning and Mastering Unicycling with iPad, iPhone and iPod (Philipp Henestrosa, Phone: 41799176022) T 12:00 The Pöhäms Teaching Flat (Pöhams, Phone: 436604848578) T 12:30 Sandwich eating competition (Lunch) (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Fischzucht 13:00 World Sexiest Unicyclist (Jamey Mossengren) F 13:00 "Goaslschnölln" (Josef Rabanzer) S2 13:00 Pöham Filming-Session (Raphael Pöham, Phone: 436604848578) Fischzuchtpark 13:00 Rubiks Cube 400m Race (Niels Falk, Phone: 4915777755957) S1 13:30 Trampoline (Gabi Mellauner) F3 14:00 Muni Tips for Beginners (Dresi) Main Entrance 14:00 Pair Battle (Maxi Jaik, Britta Naber, Phone: 15776046965) W 14:00 Popcorn Relay (Renate Rodler) S1 14:00 Best Trick Contest (Felix Dietze, Stephanie Dietze) S8 14:00 Fun Games and Competitions 4 CANCELED (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Fischzucht 15:00 How to build an Ultimate Wheel yourself (Klaus Reef, Phone: 491626652461) Between Ice hall and Freestyle Gym 15:00 Freestyle Coaching RENAMED TO: Secret Workshop (Magnus Petersen-Paaske, Phone: 4531102040) W 15:00 Wine tasting and tour (Jesper Andersen, Phone: 045 27396307) Info Point 15:00 Juggling with 3 Balls for Beginners (Lisa Schubert) Fischzuchtpark 16:00 Paper Planes (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Fischzucht 16:30 Gladiator (Thomas Tiercy) S1 17:00 Unicon16 Group Photo - great unicycle shape (Rosmarie) S1-S3 18:00 Limbo Contest (Rocco Schulz, Bernd Möller, Patrizia Imholz, Manuela Arnold, Gregor Paul, Phone: 4917626487924) S3 18:00 Salsa Lessons (Jim Sowers, Phone: 1.415.234.3786) T2 22:00 Hide and Seek 2 (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Infopoint

Saturday, July 28th

10:00 IUF Education #1: Movement Basics (Thomas 'gossi' Gossmann) Infopoint 10:00 Mounts (Kirsten Häusler, Phone: 0049160-1110838) W 11:00 Daily Trick Session W 11:30 IUF Education #2: Structuring Unicycling Skills (Felix Dietze, Thomas 'gossi' Gossmann) Infopoint 12:00 Improvised Group Freestyle (Danish Freestyle Team (Tania Olsen)) F 14:00 Highjump for Girls (Mary Wegscheider) S3 14:30 Technical Training and Skill Levels (Thomas 'gossi' Gossmann) Infopoint 15:00 Theatre on Unicycle (Ulli Wegscheider) W 15:30 Long Lining for Advanced Learners (Lutz Eichholz, Phone: 491627866956) S9 16:00 Daily Munitour: Muni back to Brixen Downhill Finish 17:30 Fun Games and Competitions 5 (Felix Dietze, Felix Büning) Fischzucht 18:30 Africa Unicycling Experience (Jim Sowers) Main Entrance 19:00 Convention Video (Gisela Drosten) Infopoint 19:00 Musical Unicycles (Janina Messinger, Stephanie Dietze) W 22:00 Tea Time (Rocco Schulz, Bernd Möller, Phone: 4917626487924) T 23:00 Level 11 (Horst) Hotel Horst

Sunday, July 29th

10:00 Future Unicycling Development (Felix Dietze, Thomas 'gossi' Gossmann) Infopoint 11:00 Daily Trick Session F 12:00 Future Freestyle Judging (Thomas 'gossi' Gossmann) Infopoint 13:00 Art with Unicycles (Rocco Schulz, Bernd Möller, Phone: 4917626487924) S3 14:00 Best Trick Contest (MOVED TO 7/27/2012 14:00:00) (Felix Dietze, Stephanie Dietze) S8 15:00 Landing Drops without Dying or Serious Injury (Lutz Eichholz, Phone: 491627866956) Infopoint 19:30 Gymnastics Show (Gabi Mellauner) F3 20:00 Talk: Sponsoring and Professional Unicycling (Lutz Eichholz, Phone: 491627866956) Infopoint 22:00 Telling Jokes (Felix Dietze) Bar

Monday, July 30th

09:00 Daily Munitour: Seiser Alm (Sandy Ries) Bus Stop Brixen 09:00 Suicidal Muni (Rocco Schulz, Phone: 4917626487924) Bus Stop Brixen 11:00 Daily Trick Session W 12:00 Innsbruck Street Ride (CANCELED) Train station Brixen 13:00 Lets get Loud (Kirsten Häusler, Phone: 0049160-1110838) W3-6 14:00 Sumo (Jana Geller, Phone: 0049176/66488585) S4 14:00 Last time for your spontaneous Workshop (Felix Dietze) Infopoint

Tuesday, July 31st

09:00 Daily Munitour: Teis Bus Stop Brixen 11:00 Daily Trick Session W 14:00 Swap T-Shirts S9 14:00 Pimp Your Clothes (Elke Körner, Phone: 4917622256766) S 15:00 Lost and Found Pickup Infopoint 17:00 King of the Alps Contest Closure (Hugo Duguay, Edmund Leduc) T

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